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What is Genesis Agenda?

Genesis Agenda (GA) is a human ecology practice

seeking transformational healing of our Earth's biosphere by cultivating 'Genesis consciousness', the

re-membering and re-generation of true, complex life stories

& life styles, biologically & ethnically diverse, on 3 levels.


Community of Being

Individual or Constellated

Creative Organisms

Cultural Myth Story



Why Genesis Agenda ?

"Genesis presents a menu listing the pivotal mysteries

surrounding the human condition.

It reads like a table of contents to the book of life.

Genesis is important more for the questions it raises

than for the answers it offers"


'Genesis as Agenda' © Russell McNeil,

Malaspina University-College, 1997

Where is Genesis Agenda ?

Operating right now from the ancient kingdom of Sussex, Mid Sussex, the enterprise is connected to telluric lines and water cycles comprised within the Prime Meridian and 40 degrees longitude eastward. So from High Weald

to Downs, linked by the St Michael and St Mary leylines through

to the Dartmoor of Devon and the Welsh mountains northwestward, and to the Dales of Yorkshire and the Findhorn loch to the East and North.

Southward it runs through Normandy and Greater Burgundy across to the Massif Central/Rhône-Alpes region of France.

From there the line splits between the volcanic region of Italy and the Pyrenees/Spain Eastern coat to the Alpujarras. Both lines cross to the African continent through the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara through the Tassili and the Air and Tenere Massifs. Then through the Niger and Chad rivers watersheds, the Jos plateau, the Congo forest to Mount Kenya, down the Rift Valley to the Victoria falls, across the Karoo to Cape Mountain.

The regeneration of the migratory ethno-biological lifestyles

of life forms on this North South axis is the long term goal

of the enterprise.


Who is Genesis Agenda ?

Marie-Angel Chevrier

MSc Human Ecology



Qualifying Member



Founder and Practitioner.


(Click Here to Download CV)

Leia Chevrier-Rappaport


2nd Year Hons Student Geography BA, Sussex University








The current Western Civilization

or Dominant System is a synthetic one, reliant on specialization

and individual profit making in a growth economy.

To balance

this approach, the work of this enterprise is purposefully synergetic, generalist and sustainably common wealth generating.

It requires skills and encompasses know-how

from many disciplines and therefore relies on common interest, friendship, community, association, partnership, joint venture

and amateurship of the highest order.